Service 101 - Killhope Wheel to Bishop Auckland

Route & Timetable for: 101 service Stanhope to Bishop and Bishop

Stanhope – Crook – Bishop Auckland MONDAY TO SATURDAY 101

Monday to Saturday (except Public Holidays) from SEPT  2017

Route:- Horn Hall, Stanhope, Frosterley, Wolsingham, Crook (West Road, Market Place,) Howden-le-Wear, High Grange, Toronto (Bypass) Bishop Auckland (Bus Station, Newgate Street, Asda/Morrisons)
Monday to Saturday (See note for Public Holidays)
Notes NS



Stanhope, Horn Hall0700074508540949Then 1448 14481549
Stanhope, Market Place ARR0702074708560951at 1450 145015511700
Stanhope, Market Place DEP0705075009001000these 1450 14501600170018001940
Frosterley, Coop Store0712075709071007mins 1457 14571607170718071947
Wolsingham, Market Place0720080509151015past 1505 15101615171518151955
Crook, Market Place0730082009301030the 1520 15251630173018302005
Howden-le-Wear0734082409341034hour 1524 152916341734
Bishop Auckland, Bus Station0743083309431043until 1533 153816431743
Bishop Auckland, Morrisons/Asda07470837094710471447 1537 154216471747

Route:- Asda/Morrisons (Bob Hardisty Drive), Bishop Auckland Bus Station, Toronto (By Pass), High Grange, Howden-le-Wear, Crook, (Market Place, West Road,) Wolsingham, Frosterley, Stanhope, Horn Hall
Monday to Saturday (See note for Public Holidays)
Notes NSS



Bishop Auckland, Morrisons/Asda
Bishop Auckland, Bus Station
Crook, Market Place070007500815091510151115mins1630171518152010
Wolsingham, Market Place071508050830093010301130past1645173018302020
Frosterley, Coop Store072408130838093810381138the1653173818382028
Stanhope, Market Place ARR073008200844094510451145hour1700174518452035
Stanhope, Market Place DEP0844094510451145until17001745
Stanhope, Horn Hall0846094710471147154717021747

Notes:  NS – Not Saturdays, SCH – School Days Only W    – This journey calls  into Wolsingham Comprehensive School on school days.

S – Saturdays only SSH – Saturdays & School holitdays WA – This journey calls into Wolsingham Comprehensive School on school days, arrives Stanhope 0852

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