Service 101 - Killhope Wheel to Bishop Auckland

Route & Timetable for: 101 Bishop Auckland to Killhope Wheel

Bishop Auckland - Howden-le-Wear - Crook - Wolsingham - Frosterley - Stanhope - Eastgate - Westgate - St Johns Chapel - Ireshopeburn -Wearhead - Cowshill - Killhope Wheel

Bishop Auckland (Bob Hardisty Drive), A689, Bishop Auckland (Bus Station), Newton Cap Viaduct, Toronto by-pass A689, Addison Road, Valley Terrace, Howden (Bridge Street), Howden, (High Street) B6298 New Road, Morrison Avenue, Crook, Elliot street, Commercial Street, A690, West Road, High West Road, A689 Durham Road, Wolsingham (East End), Wolsingham (Front Street), Wolsingham (High Street), A689, Frosterley ( Front Street), A689, Stanhope (East End), Stanhope (Front Street), A689, Eastgate, Westgate (Front Street), Daddry Shield (Front Street), St Johns Chapel (Hood Street), Ireshopeburn (Front Street)Weardhead, Cowshill Hotel, Lanehead, Cornriggs, School Hill, Killhope (Lead Mining Centre)

Monday to Saturday (See note for Public Holidays)
Bishop Auckland, Morrisons/ASDA080008570947104711471247
Bishop Auckland, Bus Station080509001000110012001300
Toronto Lodge081009051005110512051305
Howden-le-Wear, High Street081609111011111112111311
Crook, Market Place07000750082009151015111512151315
Wolsingham, Market Place07150805083509301030113012301330
Wolsingham School Grounds--0840-----
Frosterley, Co-op Store07230813084709381038113812381338
Stanhope, Market Placearr07300820085509451045114512451345
Stanhope, Market Placedep065507300855090009451000104511451145124513451345
Stanhope, Horn Hall065707320857090209481002104811481147124813481347
Eastgate, Village070207370907100711521352
Westgate, Institute070807430913101311581358
St Johns Chapel, War Memorial071207470917101712021402
Ireshopeburn, Front Street071507510920102112051408
Wearhead, Post Office071807540923102412081408
Cowshill, Hotel072007580925102812101410
Killhope Wheel, Lead Mining CentreRQ

Monday to Saturday (See note for Public Holidays)
Bishop Auckland, Morrisons/ASDA13471447NS161116471747
Bishop Auckland, Bus Station14001500Sch161517051805
Toronto Lodge14051505162017051805
Howden-le-Wear, High Street14111511162617111811
Crook, Market Place141515151630171518152010
Wolsingham, Market Place143015301645173018302020
Wolsingham School Grounds--1535 Sch1535----
Frosterley, Co-op Store14381538-14421653173818382027
Stanhope, Market Placearr14451545155015501700174518452035
Stanhope, Market Placedep1445144515541600170017001745174518451845
Stanhope, Horn Hall144814471448160217031702174817481847
Eastgate, Village14521607170717521852
Westgate, Institute14581613171317581858
St Johns Chapel, War Memorial15021617171718001900
Ireshopeburn, Front Street15051621172118051905
Wearhead, Post Office15081624172418081908
Cowshill, Hotel15101628172818101910
Killhope Wheel, Lead Mining CentreRQ

No Service on Sunday

Killhope Wheel - cowshill - Wearhead - Ireshopeburn - St johns Chapel - Westgate - Eastgate - Stanhope - Frosterley - Wolsingham - Crook - Howden-le-Wear - Bishop Auckland

Killhope (Lead Mining Centre), School Hill, Cornriggs, Lanehead, Cowshill Hotel, Wearhead, Ireshopeburn (Front Street), St Johns Chapel (Hood Street), Daddry Shield (Front Street), Westgate (Front Street),Eastgate, A689, Stanhope (Front Street), A689, Frosterley (Front Street), A689, Wolsingham (High Street), Wolsingham (Front Street), Wolsingham (East End), A689, Durham Road, High West Road, West Road, A690, Commercial Street, Elliot Street, Crook, Morrison Avenue, B629B New Road, Howden (High Street), Howden (Bridge Street), Valley Terrace, Addison Road, Toronto by-pass, A689, Newton Cap Viaduct, Bishop Auckland (Bus Station), Bishop Auckland (Bob Hardisty Drive)

Monday to Saturday (See note for Public Holidays)
Killhope Wheel, Lead Mining CentreRQ
Cowshill Hotel07200800NS0930103012301415
Wearhead, Post Office07220802Sch0932103212301417
Ireshopeburn, Front Street072508050935103512351420
St Johns Chapel072808080938103812381423
Westgate, Institute073508120942104212421430
Eastgate Village074008180948104812481435
Stanhope, Horn Hall07000743074508230857095309491053104911491253124913491440
Stanhope, Market PlaceArr07030745074808250825085909550952105510521521255125213521442
Stanhope, Market PlaceDep070507500826082609001001100120013001400
Frosterley, Coop Store07120757-0833090710071107120713071407
Wolsingham School Grounds--0840 Sch0840------
Wolsingham, Market Place07200805091510151115121513151415
Crook, Market Place07300820093010301130123013301430
Howden-le-Wear, High Street07340824093410341134123413341434
Toronto Lodge07400830094010401140124013401440
Bishop Auckland, Bus Station07430833094310431143124313431443
Bishop Auckland, Morrisons/ADSA07470857094710471147124713471447

Monday to Saturday (See note for Public Holidays)
Killhope Wheel, Lead Mining CentreSchTRQ
Cowshill Hotel15201630173018151915
Wearhead, Post Office15251632173218171917
Ireshopeburn, Front Street15291635173518201920
St Johns Chapel15341638173818231923
Westgate, Institute15381642174218271927
Eastgate Village15441646174618331933
Stanhope, Horn Hall15131513154915491653175318381938
Stanhope, Market PlaceArr15151515155115521655175518401940
Stanhope, Market PlaceDep151515151600170018001940
Frosterley, Coop Store152215221607170718071947
Wolsingham School Grounds-1535----
Wolsingham, Market Place153015401615171518151955
Crook, Market Place154515551630173018282005
Howden-le-Wear, High Street1549155916341734
Toronto Lodge1555160516401740
Bishop Auckland, Bus Station1558160716431743
Bishop Auckland, Morrisons/ASDA1602160916471747


NS - Not Saturday
S - Saturday Only 
TRQ - Journey will start from Killhope 7 mins before Chowshill time by prior arrangement with driver by telephoning 01388 528 235 in advance of travel.
RQ - Continues to Killhope on request to driver
NSch - Not School days
Sch - School days only
0840 Sch - Continues to Wolsingham School on School days only
1535 Sch - Commences from Wolsingham School on School days only
G - Scholars service Bus G
F - Scholars service Bus F

Public Holidays - Excluding the following Public Holidays; 1st January, New Years Day holiday(if not the 1st January), Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day Holiday Monday Late Spring Holiday Monday, August Holiday Monday, 25th December, 26th December & any Public Holidays in lieu on Christmas Day and Boxing Day when 25th December and/or 26th December fall on a Saturday or Sunday.

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